Advanced Technology Center
Welding Technology Program

Here is a career where the sparks fly and it's always hot!!!

Do you like to play with fire? Get ready with your leather jacket and safety glasses. Our Welding Technology program prepares students for the opportunity to become certified by the American Welding Society (AWS). The Welding program is also SENSE (Schools Excelling through National Skills Standards Education) certified. Both day and evening classes are available and can be completed in one year.

Our curriculum includes: SMAW (shielded metal arc welding), GTAW (gas tungsten arc welding), PAC (plasma-arc cutting), GMAW (gas metal arc welding), FCAW (flux-cored arc welding), OAW (oxyacetylene welding), OAC (oxyacetylene cutting), and basic fabrication. Lecture portions of the program include blueprint reading, welding principles, structural steel codes, and pipe fitting and cutting. In addition, students study metallurgy to understand how the heating and cooling cycles of welding affect the properties of metals.

 Employment Opportunities and Salary

As a welder, jobs are available in shipyards, manufacturers, contractors, federal, state, county, and city governments, firms requiring maintenance mechanics, and repair shops.

Welding salary varies depending on your skill level and if you are willing to travel. Welding is a career that will always be needed, as long as buildings and other structures are being made of metal.

The Welding Program is available as Credit or Continuing Education.

* Financial aid is available for those who qualify.