Advanced Technology Center
Electrical Journeyman Program

Electricity is an essential part of any community. It gives us light, heat, air-conditioning, power and refrigeration. If you are intelligent and have an eye for detail, a career as an electrician could be the job for you.


With today’s every changing workforce environment the Electrical Journeyman Program at The Advanced Technology Center provides the opportunity for entry level training as well as upgrade of skills for those currently in the electrical field. Our purpose is to provide the skills necessary for individuals to improve their personal quality of life and to provide opportunities for economic improvement through training.

The Electrical Journeyman Program prepares the entry level student, under the direction of a Journeyman, to install, connect, test, and maintain electrical systems both in the construction and maintenance field. Being an electrician is a physical job. Electricians may work in conditions that are extremely hot, cold, dirty, wet or cramped. They have to take safety precautions while working and must test their work properly to insure their safety and the safety of those around them. It also provides essential information for success in upgrading and obtaining skills and knowledge necessary for the state exam. The program includes classroom lecture, controlled lab experience and hands on training in the field.

To provide the student with the skills and knowledge to enter the electrical field at entry level and also provide those presently in the field the opportunity to upgrade their skills and knowledge in their pursuit of a Texas Journeyman’s license.

 Courses Offered

  • Electrical Safety and Tools
  • Fundamental Electricity I & II
  • Technical Reading and Sketching
  • Motors and Controls
  • Electrical Troubleshooting
  • Facility Maintenance and Operations I & II
  • National Electrical Codes I & II
  • PLC
  • Preparation for state exam

Financial Aid and credit courses are available.

 Apprenticeship Programs

The Advanced Technology Center works in partnership with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 583 as a source of employment opportunities for program graduates.


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 Job Opportunities

The employment outlook for electricians is good and is expected to grow faster than average over the next decade. This is because new housing and business construction is expected to grow rapidly throughout the United States. Also, innovations and lower acquisition costs in technology place a demand on electricians for video, security and home automation wiring. Upon graduation you can start at 27k to 35k and with experience you may earn up to 75kper/year.


  • JC Electric
  • Time Warner
  • EPCC
  • Gorham Electric
  • Smurfit
  • Kendrick Electric
  • Ramsey Steel
  • Regis Plastics
  • Phelps Dodge
  • Border Electric
  • Kings Aire
  • Monsanto
  • BM Machinery
  • EL Paso Times
  • Lowes Improvement Center
  • Stone Container
  • El Paso Electric
  • Sierra Providence and all the hospital around the town