College Readiness

It is the belief of area school districts, El Paso Community College and the University of Texas at El Paso that students graduating from high school having completed recommended curriculum and the TAKS Test are ready to enter postsecondary institutions without the need for developmental reading, writing or math courses. With this belief in mind, the purpose of the Consortium is to ensure that college-bound high school graduates' initial enrollment is in entry-level college courses.

Working in collaboration, the school districts, the university and the community college will identify barriers that interfere with students' transition from high school to college. The Consortium will develop a plan to address these barriers. The goal would be for high school students to test into college-level courses prior to graduation. Among these issues to be addressed are: pretesting and retesting; pretesting workshops; post-testing preparation workshops; comparison of Accuplacer and TAKS tests, and comparison of Accuplacer and high school graduation competencies.

 Gateway to College

The Gateway to College Scholarship is a unique and educational program for 16-20 year-olds that gives students the opportunity to earn their high school diploma while attending college. Students simultaneously accumulate high school and college credits, earning their high school diploma while progressing toward a certificate, diploma, or associate's degree.

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