Curriculum & Instructional Development

The El Paso Community College curriculum is an integrated body of knowledge, principles, values and skills.  Its mission is to provide learning experiences that enable individuals to function effectively in school, workplace, home and community, therefore improving their personal quality of life.  The curriculum expresses the essence of the college by reflecting, shaping and meeting the educational needs of its economically and culturally diverse community.



The mission is fulfilled through the following curriculum objectives:

  • To develop courses and programs that supports the college's vision of an educated person and a commitment to education as a lifelong process.
  • To provide educational experience designed to facilitate the individual's progress toward personal, academic and work-based goals.
  • To encourage the development of individual ideas and insights and the acquisition of knowledge and skills that together result in an appreciation of cultural diversity and a quest for further discovery.
  • To respond to the changing educational, societal and technological need of current and prospective students and community employers.

In support of the curriculum mission, the College manages a curriculum process with the following functions:

  • To facilitate the planning, development, delivery and evaluation of the courses and programs offered by the College.
  • To ensure the integrity of the College curriculum by communicating its goals, purposes and outcome measures with consistency, clarity and efficiency.
  • To promote the continuous improvement and enhancement of the College curriculum through dialogue and collaboration with external and internal constituents of the College.
  • To provide faculty with a system that contribute to the effective and innovative delivery of skills, knowledge, values and inspiration.

The College is accountable for providing a curriculum that meets the personal and professional needs of its economically and culturally diverse community.


The effectiveness of the curriculum is measured by the degree to which it accomplishes this in a credible, professional and ethical manner.

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Yvette Huerta 


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Blanca E. Bueno
Administrative Associate
- Administrative Duties
- Syllabi
- Counseling Degree Plans

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Fernando Mata (Interim)
Educational Development Assistant
- Course Development
- Developing a Curriculum
- Program Evaluation Course Development
- University Articulation Agreements


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Rachel Ortega
- Curriculum Monitoring Specialist


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Chris Oatley

Graphic Designer
- Class Schedules/Catalog design
- Compiles schedule/Catalog info.


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Dr. Melanie Rodriguez
Project Assistant

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Brenda Mendoza


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Daniel A. Mendoza
Project Assistant
- Articulation Agreements
- High Schools


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Curriculum & Instructional Development
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