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Students: If you are planning to transfer to a four-year institution, visit our EPCC Transfer Services district-wide for information and assistance!

Transfer Services is committed to provide comprehensive information and services to students seeking to transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Transfer Services staff provides students with information about various schools, majors, and transfer opportunities.

At Transfer Services we believe that a “good” transfer occurs when a student takes courses in support of their transfer degree goal—the bachelor’s degree.

Transfer Services operates on the philosophy that transferring from EPCC to a four-year institution is a multi-part process that involves significant planning. Successful transfer requires careful selection and planning, so courses taken at EPCC meet requirements of the transfer institution.  Understanding the educational planning process is necessary for students to achieve their goals. There are steps that can be taken to ensure that they achieve a successful transfer. It is essential that students choose a transfer curriculum and work with their advisor/counselor in the Counseling Department to select required transfer courses.

Transfer Services hosts individual visits from four-year university college representatives at EPCC district-wide throughout the year. This is an excellent opportunity for students to meet with representatives who provide first-hand information about programs of study, scholarships, entrance requirements, and other important matter relative to the student’s transfer objective.

At EPCC Career/Transfer Services We:

  1. Assist students with transfer information so they can make decisions regarding their career, major, and information on the school(s) into which they wish to transfer
  2. Transfer Guides - Give information to students on credit/course requirements at other institutions
  3. Provide Internet access to view different college websites
  4. Provide access to various online college catalogues and directories
  5. Provide an online calendar of transfer activities
  6. Transfer Fairs
  7. Partner with other institutions for purposes of on-site admission and recruitment
  8. Provide assistance with Transfer application process
  9. Provide assistance writing resumes and letters of recommendation—part of the Transfer process

At EPCC Career/Transfer Services We Do Not:

  1. Make an academic plan mapping out students coursework. This is provided by Counseling Department
  2. Provide advising/counseling to students
  3. Advise students on credit/course requirements, prerequisites and/or substitutions at EPCC
  4. Advise students on graduation requirements
  5. Although we always proudly represent the college, we do not represent ourselves as the experts in any career field or any program
  6. Endorse any institution over another one

Makes Plans to Start Your Transfer Plan Now

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