Career Services

 Career Planning

Choosing a career is one the most important decisions that you will make in your life, it can be an exhausting and difficult experience. Career Services offers a variety of services designed to assist you in making an informed decision to maximize your potential.

Have you asked yourself any of these questions?

  • What can I be?
  • What do people in this field say about this career?
  • How much will I be paid?
  • What would I be required to do?
  • What is the growth rate in my major?
  • What is the demand in the field?
  • What are the 2yr and 4yr universities that offer my career?

Are you undecided?

The Career Services Department offers the following services to assist you in effectively organizing your career search, in discovering your true purpose and career path, in matching your interests with a career path and many more activities that will make this process smooth and effortless.


Recommended to see how your interests, abilities and work-values relates to the world of work.

Career Exploration

Career Center offers assessment which provides information about careers from A-Z. The career description includes: work tasks, work duties, salaries, demand, advantages, disadvantages, and personal qualities.

Career Days

Local business and organizations visit the campus to answer questions related to job opportunities, training requirements, and career advancement. Create your profile on Career Corner to see schedule of events for Career Fairs, Job Fairs, Workshops, Transfer Fairs and many more activities scheduled at El Paso Community College.