Career Services


The Student

  • is provided on-the-job experience prior to graduation.
  • is exposed to professionals in the chosen field.
  • is shown the applicability of classroom studies.
  • is provided the opportunity to explore career alternatives prior to graduation.
  • is given access to facilities and equipment not available on campus.
  • is offered direct contact with potential employers
  • earns college credit while you working.
  • may be provided income opportunities while learning.

The Employer

  • is provided an opportunity to preview potential candidates for permanent employment.
  • is provided an opportunity to train potential employees while they are still at a formative level.
  • is provided with a continuous source of manpower.
  • may reduce the cost of recruiting and training employees.
  • creates a closer tie between the business world and the educational community.
  • increases the company's visibility in the community.
  • influences the design and content of college programs to meet employer needs.

Faculty and the College

  • encourage greater community support.
  • provide faculty the opportunity to stay abreast of current industrial business practices.
  • permit the college the opportunity to offer a wider range of programs.
  • decrease costs by eliminating laboratory equipment.
  • receive current feedback which can affect curriculum design.