Center for Students with Disabilities


Students with disabilities, permanent or temporary, are eligible to receive services through the Center for Students with Disabilities. Student must provide documentation of their disability to a CSD Counselor when registering with CSD.

 Registering with CSD

Students with disabilities do not automatically receive services when they enroll at El Paso Community College. In order to access services, they must register with the Center for Students with Disabilities by making an appointment with a CSD Counselor, completing the intake form, and bringing this form along with documentation of their disability to their meeting with a CSD Counselor.


Students can download or pick up the Intake Form at any CSD Campus office.

The CSD Counselor will clarify the process for enrolling as a student at El Paso Community College and will complete their registration with the Center for Students with Disabilities. If students have any difficulty in obtaining documentation of their disability, the CSD Counselor will clarify what documentation students need and will guide them in how to obtain this documentation. For more information, refer to the Student Handbook. (page 3-6)

During this initial meeting, the CSD Counselor will explain class advising and the process for requesting accommodations. The CSD Counselor will discuss Federal Student Financial Aid and other possible funding alternatives, admissions, and placement testing.

The initial visit with a counselor also provides an opportunity for students to discuss their college major and future career plans.


 Documentation of Disability

Documentation of disability must be prepared by an appropriate professional, such as, a medical doctor, psychologist, or other qualified diagnostician. For example, for a learning disability, a full diagnostic evaluation is required from a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist or educational diagnostician. For a hearing disability, a current audiogram from an ENT or Audiologist is required. For a psychologist/psychiatrist will be required. For a physical disability, a letter from a physician with current diagnosis is required.

Students are asked to personally give the Medical Release of Information Form to the professional who will verify the disability.

Documentation should include the credentials of the professional, a diagnosis of disability, the date of the diagnosis, how the diagnosis was reached, and how the disability affects academic performance so the CSD Counselor and student can discuss appropriate accommodations.

For students who are regarded to have a disability but who need more time in obtaining documentation, CSD will provide services for one semester; however, documentation must be provided to continue services the next semester.

For recent high school graduates, the ARD with the latest testing report can be submitted. Student can obtain this information through their high school counselor or high school district office.

Psychological/diagnostic test reports for learning disabilities that are older than five years are not acceptable. They must be within the five year range.

CSD Counselors recommend specific support services according to the disability and specifications in the documentation of disability.

Student can download or pick up the Medical Release of Information Form at any CSD Campus office.