Continuing Education

At EPCC, it is our mission to provide educational opportunities and lifelong learning experiences to enhance, promote and develop a higher quality of life for the community.

In addition to the credit programs at EPCC, Workforce and Continuing Education offers alternate non-credit classes, vocational training, business programs, career development courses, health occupation certification courses, kid and teen interest classes, business service resources, personal enrichment and online education for the lifelong learning needs of the community.

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 Class Schedule

Continuing Education classes are offered on a non-credit basis. Entrance requirements vary widely among subject areas.

Click on the following link below to view the most recent schedule covering non-credit course listings and pre-requisites. Fees are listed after each course in the Continuing Education Class Schedule.


Continuing Education Class Schedules

In addition to the variety of courses offered, additional courses can be created and customized to your needs.