El Paso County Community College District Mission

The mission of El Paso County Community College District is to provide educational opportunities and support services that prepare individuals to improve their personal quality of life and to contribute to their economically and culturally diverse community.


 El Paso County Community College District Vision

The El Paso County Community College District will be the progressive leader in high-quality, innovative, educational opportunities in response to our border community.


 El Paso County Community College District Strategic Goals

  • Provide Quality Education
  • Provide Quality Student Services
  • Demonstrate Continuous Improvement
  • Strengthen Institutional Resources
  • Increase Technological Capability
  • Enhance the Image of the College
  • Provide Personal Enrichment
  • Promote Economic Development Initiatives


 El Paso Community College Core Values

The El Paso Community College faculty, staff, and students affirm and embrace the following core values adopted in April 2003.


We value and encourage the open, interactive exchange
of thoughts and ideas.


We honor and value each other in our diversity.


We value excellence as our standard in teaching and learning.


We value a learning environment that enables students to succeed.


We value honesty, ethical behavior, and professionalism in meeting our mission.


We value relationships based on honesty, reliability, and compassion.


We value the journey of faculty, staff, and students in
becoming more conscious, productive, and contributing members of the community.